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Sara grew up on the family farm and has been interested in raising animals and making food from the beginning.  For Dennis this is all new but was always the dream.  Sara started making cheese in 2010 and Dennis was helping not long after that.  We love making products that are fresh and wholesome for our family and yours to enjoy.  Making our own food is something we love doing.. and not just with cheese.  Sustainable living and farming is the dream coming true even on the "homestead" with a home garden, chickens, ducks, geese and even turkeys.

The kids love having room to roam, to be wild and free and grow up alongside nature.  We're always adding new products so keep checking on us through social media to see what's new.  Things are always changing on the farm and we love every minute of it!






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-   THE FARM  -


The Santa Barbara Cheese Company is a small family owned artisan cheese business getting milk from Cuyama Dairy Farm, our family's dairy farm.  It  has been a family owned and operated dairy farm for almost 50 years.  Caring for animals and dairying has been passed down for several generations now and we hope to continue to cultivate a love for food and nature in the generations following. 


The cheese is made with milk from the family farm.  Our farm fresh milk is produced by our cows, cheese processed by us, and delivered by us to you, your local stores and your local restaurants.  We care about every detail going into our products.  We are dedicated to providing you with quality products that are fresh and wholesome.  There are no hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or added colors to our products.  Just contains the good stuff.. milk!  

Our cheeses are small artisan batch cheeses and aged until the flavor is just right.  We believe that this is what makes our products fresh and wholesome for your family to enjoy.

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